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Your Security Is Important To Us!

Internet Banking Awareness and Education

It is important to PB&T Bank to provide a safe and sound Internet Banking experience for our customers. In light of emerging threats and an increasingly hostile environment, we have enhanced our customer education and awareness program. We will continually enhance the information and resources we provide to our customers.

For all customers - Please be cautious at all times! If something seems like a scam, or is suspicious in any way, PLEASE REPORT IT! Please either come into one of our locations, or contact us immediately!

The FDIC also offers helpful information to help customers make informed decisions about their money and to protect themselves against financial scams and fraud. More more information click here

We hope our customers will find the following information both interesting and useful. We want to serve you as completely and safely as possible.

For ALL Customers:

Online Security Tips

Avoiding Social Engineering

Additional Resources

Privacy Commitment

Regulation E Information and Disclosure

Internet Banking Agreement

Bill Pay Terms and Conditions

FDIC's Cybersecurity Guide for Customers

For Commercial Banking Customers:

The above Regulation E and Internet Banking Agreement may be augmented or replaced by any contract we may have with our commercial customers. Please refer to your contract(s), if applicable.

Additionally, for commercial Internet banking customers, we recommend you perform regular risk assessments to determine any potential exposure you may have related to Internet banking activities.

A sample risk assessment form is available below. Please adopt your risk assessment/management program in light of your own operating environment, business type, market conditions, legal and compliance risk, control environment, and any other potential threats and risks applicable to your situation.

Sample Risk Assessment Form

FDIC's Cybersecurity Guide for Businesses

If you originate ACH with us:

Your company's contract requires you to comply with and be bound by the National Automated Clearing House Association (NACHA) rules. The rules change from time to time. Summary information regarding recent and upcoming rule changes is available here: https://pbandt.bank/nacha-rule-changes.

It is your company’s responsibility to review changes or revisions to the Rules that are published at least annually. NACHA publishes all rule changes on their website here: https://www.nacha.org/rules/updates. Additionally, the complete NACHA rules are available online for free here: https://www.nacha.org/rules/.