Customer Stories

Just opened new accounts here. Very impressed! Closer, more convenient, and superior customer service!

Scott Ranson – 5-Star Google Review

What can I say? With unbelievable effort, getting up to work at 3am, evenings, weekends, the team at PBT got my small business the PPP stimulus funds designed to keep my employees working and paid during this difficult COVID crisis. Especially Liz R. 🙂 I have liked my relationships with my other banks, but PBT came through when other banks couldn’t. You have saved my business and my patients. You’ve won my business for decades 🙂 Thank you!

Taylor Ross DDS Pueblo West Neighborhood Dental Clinical Instructor – University of Colorado School of Dental Medicine

Taylor Ross DDS – 5-Star Google Review

PB & T helped me secure a loan for my business to purchase a building. The process was easy and received a lot of help, especially from Elizabeth Rogge. The big bank process was taking forever until PB & T stepped up and took care of business. Thanks!

Anthony Knowlton – 5-Star Google Review

I love my bank! They have been very helpful to me, even after I moved out of Leadville. I have been banking with them for 8 years now, and I live 5 hours away.

Marcie Lowndes – 5-Star Google Review

As a local Coloradan, PB&T has been able to exceed my expectations every time. There are many great things about banking with PB&T (especially their customer service), but one thing that sold me – the ability to send money anywhere by the click of a button. Who needs Venmo or Zelle when you can pay ANYONE straight from your account. Thank you, Dallas, for taking good care of me. Anyone at PB&T will do the same for you!

Maygan Inacio – Facebook Recommendation

PB&T is an excellent company to work with and they are very active in the community. They have been doing regular food drives for the Panther Student Pantry at PCC for the past several years. Just last week we filled up the entire bed of a pickup truck with donations from 4 branches. Thanks for all you’ve done for the students at PCC!

Mike Maffucci – Facebook Recommendation

Wonderful bank that won’t hold your checks for days or treat you like a second class citizen for not being rich.

It is the first bank that I have used where I can cash any check regardless of how much money is in my account and deposits are immediately available for use.  They always go out of their way to be helpful and are nothing like any other bank I’ve had to deal with.  

If you are tired of being treated poorly at Chase, US Bank, Wells Fargo or BofA, come give PB&T a try.  They are the first bank that I have ever used that seemed to have my interest and convenience in mind regardless of the size of my account.

I’ve used them for more than five years now and I will never bank with anyone else if I can help it.

Phillip P. – 5-Star Yelp Review

My experience at Pueblo Bank and Trust can simply be explained as delightful. Everyone was courteous and even more helpful than I expected.

Joel M. – 5-Star Yelp Review