Personal Trust Services

At Pueblo Bank & Trust, we offer a full range of trust and investment services that meet your personal financial needs. Our professional staff will consult with you at no cost to assess your situation and create a personalized plan to achieve your financial objectives. Partner with our Trust Professionals to utilize our many years of local experience in Colorado.

Estate Planning

An estate simply consists of everything you own, including physical and financial assets as well as your digital records and accounts. Everyone has an estate, and everyone needs to make a plan that reflects their wishes for how to settle their estate after death. PB&T Bank’s Trust experts will work with your attorney to create an estate plan that meets your needs, minimizes the estate taxes paid by your heirs, and avoids probate. From creating a will to naming beneficiary designations on trust and retirement accounts, Pueblo Bank & Trust can walk you through each step of the process with friendly and knowledgeable service.


Placing some or all of your assets in a trust account can protect them from creditors and eliminate the need for probate. This maximizes what you are able to pass on to your family or friends and makes the process as convenient as possible for your heirs. PB&T Bank offers professional management of various trusts including living trusts, trusts under will, and life insurance trusts to meet the needs of the trustor and beneficiaries.

Choosing a professional trustee rather than a loved one gives you peace of mind that your assets will be handled without conflict of interest and distributed impartially as you instructed. Making PB&T Bank your trustee also removes the burden of responsibility from your loved ones. Our Trust Department staff members possess local expertise and understand Colorado state law governing trust accounts and professional trustees.

Personal Representative

In the aftermath of the death of a loved one, grieving family members must process their emotions while also planning a funeral and handling other administrative matters. One thing you can remove from their list of responsibilities is settling your estate. As a professional and disinterested party, PB&T Bank’s Trust professionals can efficiently settle your estate. You can trust in PB&T to serve as your executor with integrity and objectivity. We will ensure that your assets are distributed according to your final wishes. From tax preparation to investment management, we are ready to handle any matter that arises.


There is no greater concern than leaving behind a relative who cannot take care of themselves. Give yourself peace of mind by establishing a conservatorship. As your loved one’s legally appointed conservator, PB&T Bank will put our experience and objectivity to work to meet the needs of minors or other persons unable to properly handle their financial affairs. Instead of placing the burden of estate conservatorship on another family member, and potentially encountering a conflict of interest or personal bias, a professional conservator will manage the conservatee’s financial assets and decision-making with that person’s best interests in mind.

Custodial Services

A financial custodian provides convenience and security. As your custodian, PB&T Bank will keep your assets in an investment account, collect the dividends and interest payments, settle trades, update your securities with any ownership changes and prepare a statement at year’s end. Trust in your longtime community bank to provide custodial services. We’ve been serving Colorado since 1889 and you can count on our local experts to provide dependable, knowledgeable custodial services.

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Put our experience and resources to work for you. As your professional fiduciary, Pueblo Bank & Trust is ready to carry out your estate planning, investment, and trust services needs. When you contact our friendly staff, you can expect to talk to someone with deep knowledge who understands that every situation is unique and requires personalized service.

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