Construction Loans

A construction loan is a short-term draw note, typically 6 to 12 months in length, used to fund the cost of building a home or business facility. The construction project is used to secure the loan. Monies are advanced as work is completed. When you secure a construction loan from PB&T Bank, you can expect personal, friendly and individual service, competitive rates and weekly draws.

When you are serious about building, you need a community bank.

PB&T has a history of providing reliable loans and banking services. When it comes to your construction project, you need a bank that understands your needs. Our longtime community presence gives us nuanced insight into local construction projects. Call 1-888-728-3550, send us an email or visit one of our locations for more information on our construction financing.

What you need to apply

To apply for a construction loan at PB&T Bank, you must be at least 18 years or older and provide the following documentation:

  • Date of Birth
  • A Social Security Number or Tax Identification Number
  • A U.S. residential street address
  • State-issued driver’s license or identification card, passport or military ID
  • Verification of Income (pay stubs, W-2s, tax returns, etc.)
  • A completed, signed application

How to Apply for Construction Loan Financing?

Step 1

Choose a building site.

Step 2

Call PB&T Bank at (719) 545-1834, toll-free at 1-888-728-3550 or call your local branch.

Want to learn more? Call 1-888-728-3550, send us an email or visit one of our locations for more information.