Inventory Loans

Inventory loans were created to help your business grow. An inventory loan is a short-term loan that businesses use to purchase products or supplies. Usually inventory financing is chosen when a business needs to prepare for a spike in demand due to an upcoming busy season or large sales order. Either unsecured or secured with the products as collateral, inventory loans require no personal collateral. 

Is inventory financing right for your business?

If you run a retail store, wholesale supply company, or restaurant, your business requires a reliable supply of inventory to keep customers happy. No small business wants to turn away customers because they are out of stock or don’t have supplies needed to fulfill an order. Sometimes, you need to increase your inventory levels to prepare for your peak business season or benefit from bulk inventory pricing. When this happens, you may find that your business doesn’t have the working capital to purchase the level of inventory you need. Small business inventory loans exist to help you survive the ups and downs of customer demand. 

At PB&T Bank, we focus on local companies and are dedicated to meeting the needs of businesses in Colorado. Every business is different, and so are your business needs. We offer specialized loans tailored to the needs of our community and the businesses we serve. We know how important inventory levels are to the success of your business. If you need extra funding for a large order or increased demand, contact a local PB&T lender or visit one of our nearby branches today.

How to Apply for Inventory Financing?

Step 1

Apply in-person at one of our locations or over the phone by speaking to one of our lenders.

Step 2

Work with your lender to determine the loan amount and terms that will work for you. Our local lenders provide quick decisions.

Step 3

Provide information to see if you qualify:

  • Financial history of your business
  • Credit history for your business
  • Tax returns from the past 3 years
  • A list of your existing inventory
  • A copy of the purchase order inventory you want to buy
  • Documentation proving your relationship to the business

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