Business Loans

Learn more about commercial lending at PB&T. Contact a lender, visit one of our locations or give us a call at 1-888-728-3550.

At PB&T Bank, we are dedicated to meeting the needs of businesses in Colorado. PB&T understands your business, your industry, and your financial needs. We have the financing options to help with your day-to-day needs and long-term financial goals. At PB&T, we provide a full range of lending assistance such as Inventory Loans, Working Capital Loans, Accounts Receivable Loans, Equipment Loans, and Commercial Real Estate Loans.

Inventory Loans

Prepare for the peak season or take advantage of bulk pricing on products and supplies without depleting your cash assets.

Business Equipment Loans

Whether it’s time for new equipment, updated technology, or repairs, business equipment financing can cover the costs and keep your business running smoothly.

Construction Loans

PB&T offers financing for both commercial and residential construction projects. 

Colorado’s demographics, taxes, regulations, and local communities encourage new start-ups and attract small businesses to the state. At PB&T Bank, we focus on local companies and are dedicated to meeting the needs of businesses in Colorado. Every business is different, and so are your business needs. We offer specialized loans tailored to the needs of our community and the businesses we serve. We are proud to help you achieve your business goals by providing access to equipment financing, commercial mortgages, and increased working capital. Contact a local PB&T lender or visit one of our nearby branches today.